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Dream Train: A Radio Play

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Scene One:

Independence Eve

Scout lives in the City and dreams of catching fireflies in the Forest. Honor lives in the Forest and dreams of seeing the City lights up close. The City and the Forest are divided by train tracks. Will the spirits of the Dream Train be able to bring Honor and Scout together before it is too late?

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Scene Two:

The Past

The Dream Train visits a time before the City and the Forest. Honor and Scout learn an unexpected truth about their family histories.  

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Scene Three:

The Present

Honor and Scout finally see each other’s sides of the tracks. Dawn and Ezra each try to take a stand for what they believe is right.

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Scene Four:

The Future

Honor and Scout catch a glimpse of what will happen to their communities if they remain divided. The Dream Train makes its final stop. Will the girls remember what they’ve learned when they wake up?

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