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The dreamers drive the dream train...

“Dream Train” follows the story of Scout, a young girl growing up in the City and Honor, a young girl growing up in the Forest. The City and the Forest are divided by railroad tracks but the trains no longer run and the girls have never met. One night the girls are called aboard the Dream Train where they discover they have more in common than they thought. 

 (Photo Credit: Corey Hudson)

Video Clips

Independence Eve

Ezra, Mayor of the City, announces plans to begin construction on a wall between the City and the Forest.  Dawn, Mayor of the Forest, announces a plan of her own.

City Lights and Fireflies

Scout gets ready for bed in the City and dreams of catching fireflies in the Forest. Honor gets ready for bed in the Forest and dreams of seeing the City lights up close.   

Our Recent Work

Apple Pie at the Beach

Honor and Scout discover that dreams never get reality quite right.  The Dream Train visits a time before the City and the Forest.

The Top of The Wall

The Spirit of the Dream Train sings a warning of the trouble to come if the City and the Forest remain divided.  Honor and Scout wake up in the Future.