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Imaginary Theater Company is committed to producing original plays that empower children to be the heroes of their own stories.


Mama Threw Me So High

In Mama Threw Me So High, Rose and Amaryllis are two young sisters who have been carried from place to place like wildflower seeds on the breeze. When they meet their Uncle Paul, Amaryllis hopes he will be able to give them a home to grow roots, but Rose fears the winds of change will continue to blow them around forever. A poignant drama about family, resilience, and finding a soft place to fall.

Download the Script from Drama Notebook

He Who Speaks

He Who Speaks*  is the story of Omar, a young boy who witnesses violence in his home one very scary night. In an effort to protect his mother, he calls the police. When his mother is taken away, Omar blames himself and stops speaking. The Voices bring Omar’s inner monologue to life, while Granny’s love and patience empower him to trust his voice again.

*Note: Casting is flexible.  In the original production the title was changed to She Who Speaks and the character of Omar was changed to Alvera.

Download the script from Drama Notebook