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Imaginary Theater Company is committed to producing original plays that empower children to be the heroes of their own stories.


Our Plays

Empowering children to be the heroes of their own stories

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Every star contains a story to guide us as we go along.

Ariadne's favorite thing to do is to learn the stories of the night sky with her Grandma Seraphina.  When her mother designs a skyscraper that blocks out the stars in the city, Ariadne sets out on a journey to find the stars and save them for her baby sister.  As she navigates between her grandmother’s wisdom and the rapidly changing world around her, Ariadne makes some unexpected friends along the way.  

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Mama walked into the water.  She was never to return.

Marina and Ida's mother has disappeared at sea.  Everyone, including Marina, believes she has drowned. But Ida believes her mother has become a mermaid.  

The Boat tells a tale of grief, healing and resilience through music, poetry and whimsy.

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The dreamers drive the dream train.

Scout lives in the City and dreams of catching fireflies in the Forest.  Honor lives in the Forest and dreams of seeing the City lights up close.  The City and the Forest are divided by railroad tracks.  The trains no longer run and Honor and Scout have never met. One night the girls are called aboard the Dream Train where they discover they have more in common than they thought.  

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Know your words' power.  Child, sing your own song.

Mama Threw Me So High and He Who Speaks are two complementary plays about tall tales, family and change.  In Mama Threw Me So High, Rose runs away in search of her mother while her sister Amaryllis tries to build a home.  Can their Uncle Paul help the girls grow roots or will they continue to float from place to place like wildflowers on the breeze?  In He Who Speaks, Omar is convinced that his words caused his mother to be taken away.  With love and patience, Granny gives Omar the courage to find his voice.

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